Thursday, October 12, 2006

I recently upgraded my Kodak V550 to the new V705. Mostly because it's PINK. (read about it in today's post on A Thousand Words)

Well ok, there are a couple of other reasons too. The V705 is a dual lens camera. That means it has a wide angle mode.

I didn't think that was a big deal until I started switching between the regular lens and the wide angle lens and realized how much more of the subject you can get in the frame with wide angle... like these bridges.

I also learned if I use the wide angle for closer pictures of people... certain tall people (aaron) with their heads at the top of the frame end up with slightly distorted heads. hah.

The other feature I love is the on-camera panoramic stitching. You take three pictures of your scene and the camera seams them together. It is really nice for landscapes, but I have fun using it around a table of people too. It creates a fish-eye type of effect.

Again I had to make sure I tried to get the seams between people or else my sister's head ended up wonky.


  1. The new camera sounds awesome! Does it have a shutter lag? My dinky digital has an awful one, and that is one thing I refuse to deal with when we upgrade.

  2. LOVE-ING your new banner. Finally! It's really fall. :)

  3. My camera (an Olympus digital) has that panorama feature too, which I haven't been interested in till seeing your table pics from the wedding and this past weekend. Now I just need to get a bunch of people together for dinner!

  4. dat's a lot of pink stuffs you got there! and d camera is so d panoramic views u took :)

  5. I'm one of your biggest blog fans (for quite some time) and I have to say, I love your pitch for the Kodak PINK camera. I WANT one even though my Cybershot does the job. May I ask if Kodak gives you a discount? jw. Keep up the interesting blog! aka, maja4jobo (Flickr).

  6. I am so tempted by this camera, cool! I totally love pink, too.
    (my "pink" gadgets). :)