Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Seems like there was something I was supposed to do today... now what was it? Hmmmm. Oh yeah.


I stopped along University Ave to take this picture because there were over a dozen candidate signs stabbed into the ground all in this one spot. I wonder if it started off with one and as each campaign manager drove by, they spotted the growing collection, threw the car in reverse, hopped out and added one more.


  1. There are so many signs on University because Monroe County Democratic Headquarters are located in an office complex to the right of the picture- if you notice, all of the signs are for Democratic candidates.

    Hope that clears up the mystery!

  2. There's a house near us with all republican candidates on one side of the lawn and all democrats on the other. We were wondering if maybe hubby and wife don't agree ... hehe.

  3. anonymous - ahah! I jumped out and took the picture so quickly I didn't even look around.