Saturday, January 27, 2007

Aaron and I were shopping for Lauren's first birthday when I saw these knitted stuffed toys at Target.

They are called Grannimals (site under construction... but also are here and here) because the creator was inspired by her Grandmother. She recalls her Granny creating ten different animals, each one different, inspired by her ten grandchildren. Each one was knitted to reflect their character. When Granny was done, each one was placed in a beautifully decorated shoe box.

Suddenly it was "Lauren who?" and I went home with a Lucien bunny.

Don't worry... we got Lauren one of these...


  1. that is so funny jenny! i went to a one year old bday party on saturday, for danielle. she was born on the 24 :) and i found those cute knit toys at target too and posted a pic of the two we got her.

    i think i may go back and get myself one too though. they are friggin cute!! small world.

  2. Oh, Cool! I got my brother's three year old triplets the same radio flyer last year for christmas. They love it when it vibrates.

  3. Small world! I bought one Saturday night for my 11 month old (we took home the brown cow with the orange and pink shirt...I can't remember the name right now). She hugged it in the store and never let go - we had to get it for her!

  4. Thanks for the up-date on the stuffed knit animals. I just discovered them on-line and coolth that I can get them locally now. You need to post how your little one likes the radio flyer rocket. My brother wants me to get my little Virginia (Vir for short) one for her 1st birthday in May. I have the plush radio flyer rocking horse coming next week from Amazon for her-at 8 months she is 25lbs and 27 Inches--giant baby! She just growing too fast! I highly recommend a Jolly Jumper from Canada--available on-line. A doctor friend has one for her little one, which as been passed down and around the family. Vir adores her so very much.
    Also thanks for the chinise birthday idea--great for an outdoor evening party! Love your blog and visit often. I am glad your little one is doing so much better, then she was a year ago. :) Happy Birthday to you both from Hammond IN, Temp at zero right now, and the only county in the state of Indiana cheering for the Bears--35 miles from Chicago.