Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I was disapointed to discover that Jamba Juice was no longer in Atlanta. Today on our way to the office we found a different smoothie place called Robeks. I was amazed at how much it looked like Jamba.

Back in the rental with our smoothies, Joel took a slurp and announced... "It's good but it's not Jamba". I had say "Look it's all I've got. Can you just let me pretend!?"

So sad.

We are flying back to Rochester tonight. No cupcakes. No Jamba.


  1. We have both Jamba and Robeks here in SoCal and though I have a bias toward Jamba, there are things that Robek does better than Jamba. Robeks has more passion fruit items and an AWESOME pomegrante smoothie (be careful it stains to all heck!) whereas I love Jamba's Coldbuster orange goodness and its all I want when I am feeling under the whether.

    Its funny because after living here a while I have developed a sense of where a smoothie shop should be located and even if I don't know where one is specifically I generally can locate one when I need to. A smoothie sense if you will.

  2. Ahh... I wish I knew about the pomegranate smoothie when I went to Robeks.

    I do believe you have SMOOTHIE RADAR!

    It would be useless here as we have neither Jamba or Robeks... sniff

  3. In downtown NYC, we had a Robeks but it closed and then we got a Jamba. I thought maybe Robeks was bought out by Jamba or something. But apparently not.