Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today we went to Homearama. There were only 5 houses instead of the usual 10 and they were smaller, but I still saw some neat stuff...

shower floor

I loved the floor of this walk in shower. It is made up of lots of little pebbles.

italian table

One house was decorated in an Italian theme. I loved this table in the kitchen set up as though someones grandma had been making Sunday dinner.

monopoly room

This was the best kid's room... decorated all in a Monopoly theme! So cool.

sand room

This was such a nice room. The jars on the shelves all have sand in them with labels like "Nantucket", "Cape Cod" and other beaches. A beach collection!

I took lots of pictures...  you can see more of Homearama in my Gallery.


  1. I *love* the sand collection idea. I think I am going to copy that. The pebble shower floor is a nice touch too.

  2. I love the walk-in shower floor, too. I'll have to remember it for when I'm rich enough to own my own place. :-)

  3. the pebble shower is super cool... my boyfriend works for a contractor here in rochester and i often visit him at various job sites to see their work. we still rent in the area, but are soon going to be looking for houses so i enjoy getting ideas and such. also- looking at the work he can do!!! the money we can save by never having to hire someone to do those tasks is super exciting. anywho-- i recently visited a site where they had a shower like this and i was amazed, asking how long it took to grout in each of those little pebbles. but it's not an individual pebble thing, it's actually a sheet that looks like that, so there's not really any grout work necessary! cool huh?!

  4. I saw several of the pebble shower floor at our local Parade of Homes. I love the look, but they were all very uncomfortable to walk on. Not what I want in a relaxing shower.

  5. I am surprised you were "allowed" to take pictures. I toured the Junior League's Decorator Showcase house in Buffalo this year.

    We spent $25 to see the house professionally decorated. I began taking pictures for ideas - that is why one goes - correct? I was told very sternly that it was not allowed. No where did I see signs saying I couldn't and no where in the program did I see it wasn't allowed.

    Unfortunately the brat in me came out, and I continued. $25 just to tour a house? For $25 I better have an automated cart taking me through the house.