Saturday, July 14, 2007


After several weeks of neglect the Frog Amigurumi is back on track. We now have a lumpy little body.

How do you like my spiffy knitting box? I had a problem with my balls of yarn rolling off the table and across Starbucks when my friend Debbie showed me hers. It is an empty jumbo dog treat container from BJ's with a notch cut in the flip top lid for the yarn to feed through. It will hold two balls of yarn, a project, a pattern, needles and some markers. Very handy and portable.


  1. In the Boston area there is an organization called Bikes Not Bombs that accepts bicycle donations, fixes up the bikes and sends them to economic development projects. They also accept these pet containers to ship parts.

  2. I love your knitting box - such a great idea.


  3. What pattern are you using for your frog??