Thursday, August 2, 2007

cell cases

About a month ago I got a Strawberry Chocolate. Then... a mere four days before my 30 day exchange was up, I realize they have come out with a new Chocolate. I hot footed it to Verizon and exchanged my phone for a new Black Cherry Chocolate. They made it slimmer and improved the touch wheel. 

What an improvement! I don't think I realized how annoying the touch wheel on my first Chocolate was... lucky it was cute or it may have gone out a window. 

Of course a black cherry colored phone needs a case to match.

Having texted on two new phones in one month, I am well familiar with my most used words not recognized by the phone dictionary. Wegmans, yummy, yum yum, scooter, ewww, awww, yikes, ugh, arghh, yay, blech, blah, bah hah, hee hee and wow.

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