Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We grew five pots of herbs this year. Basil, peppermint, sage (thanks to Aprille who gave me the baby plant), rosemary and lavender.

herb keeper

My friend Sarah had a Pampered Chef party and I bought this Herb Keeper. Perfect for keeping snippings of my herb crop in!


  1. We grew mint. In our flower beds. It sorta took over. It even survived through the winter. Now we have to weed it back like 2x/week lest it take over the entire bed.

  2. I've been trying to grow herbs all summer, but they keep dying! I put them outside and they get eaten by bugs/rabbits, or if I keep them inside, they wilt like crazy! Any tips?

  3. I love to grow mint, but put it in a pot where it cannot overtake the garden. It usually overwinters fine unless a giant ice chunk falls from your roof, smashes the pot to smithereens and exposes your poor mint roots to the elements [ do I sound bitter?] Reading a couple previous posts I was so glad to see Ginger. We visit her often...and yes...she gets a granola bar from us as well !!!
    By the way, I was the rather rude girl who poked you with a water bottle to say hello in passing at the Park Ave Fest...sorry, but the kids were not standing still and I had no time to stop and properly say hello. ...So Hello...my name is Julie...and I enjoy your blog!

  4. marissa - the biggest tip I have for growing herbs outside is lots of water... as for the critters eating them... tie a pug next to the plant? Hah hah... actually I have read that marigolds keep a lot of animals away. Maybe try planting them around your herbs.

    julie - I am glad to hear Ginger is getting her treats now and then! I was so glad you said something at Park Ave! I love meeting readers. I checked out your blog and am really interested. I think I am a junker from way back!