Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You may have noticed how thrilled I was when Lady M gave me the stuffed jam bun for my cell phone. I was especially excited because my Chocolate phone is the first one I have had that has a spot for attaching something.

Turns out there is a whole world of attachments out there waiting for me.

hello kitty

Hello Kitty dressed as an animal or sitting on a mushroom. Can't - stand - it.


Mini food for on your phone. If you don't mind seeing it all day and getting hungry.


Miffy, close second in cuteness to Hello Kitty. And check out this real live mini plant you can hang on your cellphone!

peep block

They also have these screen shields that I saw in Japantown in San Fran. They are called Peep Blocks and you put them on your cell phone screen so someone looking sideways at your screen can't see what you are texting. I don't think I need that level of secrecy, but they are still cool.


  1. I like the hooded Hello Kitty and the chocolates best! The chocolates would have me smelling it all day for some hazelnut scent. =P

  2. Very cute. My husband saw me looking at these and his response was "ohhh I want a hamburger!"

    I am sure you have heard of Bento Boxes before, but I just found out about them and as I look in to them more they seem like something that I would read about on your blog. This is a pretty good site about them,

    They have some amazingly cute boxes to chose from.

  3. Michelle from RaleighAugust 16, 2007 at 8:31 PM

    Cell charms are so much fun! My husband goes to Japan 4-6 times per year, so that's what he brings back for me. People assume he'd bring me kimonos, fans, or whatever. But he knows better, so it's all Hello Kitty pop-culture-y Japanese office supplies etc. True love! When I went to Tokyo I tried not to gigle when a stuffy exec on the subway would whip the cell phone from his suit pocket and some silly charm was dangling from it! I also spied them attached to briefcases and zippers. What does your cell phone charm say about you?

  4. I just changed Hello Kitty cell phone charms the other day. My charm of Kitty with a melon on her head was getting dirty and worn out so I switched to Kitty with asparagus on her head. Why does she have produce on her head? Don't ask me.

  5. Oh my Gawd! I love these! Shame on you.. now I have a new addiction! I'll have to check out J-town next time I'm over in SF. I think I know exactly where to go...

    Now I want a Totoro keyring..

  6. where are you? i need my ljc fix. this post is from wednesday and it is now sunday...

  7. Have you seen the adorable cellphone charm kits imported from Japan at I especially love the Ichigo Daifuku (Japanese rice cake with strawberry filling) and the Kashiwamochi (Japanese rice cake with sweet azuki bean paste) kits. Too cute!!

  8. Those peep blocks are cool :D
    The Japanese are really creative

  9. mrs.r - I have a very plain metal bento box... those are very cute... I love the totoro ones!

    michelle - my cell phone charms say I like cute things and I like food!

    cindy c - it probably the same reason pooh bear likes to dress up as other animals.

    anonymous- we went home to PA for the weekend... no high speed internet

    domestic girl - those are so cool!

  10. I ordered one of those tiny plants in pink gel. It's very cute. Thanks for the link on that one!