Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We are back from California. I didn't publish the posts I wrote while I was there because I couldn't bear to pay the $20 a day for hotel internet... grrrr. 

A little jet lagged, but fondly remembering the trip... esp Jamba Juice and In-n-Out Burger. 

Check out 1000 Words today... I write more about the races and all. Leave me comments there!


  1. You may want to consider getting a week pass to use the t-mobile hotspot. The trick is to buy it before you leave. You also must go to an actual t-mobile store and not just a reseller. It costs $20 for the week plus tax. You can buy more than one at a time - they are good for a year (until you activate them, of course).

    You can then use the WIFI at any t-mobile hotspot (most Starbucks and Borders Books), including your hotel, if they are part of t-mobile, even if they want to charge you $20/day. The other trick is to sign up for a t-mobile hotspot account beforehand and enter the code before you leave. I won't go into details, but suffice to say you will save yourself a call to t-mobile support if you do this first.

  2. Hey Jenny - I'm curious what kind of Jamba Juice is your favorite? I'm devoted to the Orange Dream Machine.

  3. Chris - that is a great tip! thanks!

    Heather - my favorite is the Banana Berry!

  4. mmm... In & Out Burger is my favorite! Was in LA last week and that was my first stop from the airport to my hotel. Looks like you and Aaron had a great time!

  5. mmmm! My boyfriend and I found a Jamba Juice near his new apartment in Irving. I am oh so very much in love.