Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Olympic Event

The first event I got to go to was men's gymnastics. Teams Germany, Belarus and Korea were competing. I couldn't believe I was really there.

Neither could Domo and Piglet.

On the way to the stadium I found a few photo ops. First doing a bit of rowing.

And then accepting the gold medal in rowing. Domo won the silver and Piglet the Bronze. Yay me.

I have more men's gymnastic pictures on 1000 Words.


  1. That pic of you & Domo & Piglet is about the best pic I've ever seen! Go Team LJC!!!

  2. That picture of you, Domo and piglet on the podium made me laugh! I love following your blog. And I'm completely jealous of you getting to go to Beijing--can we trade jobs...please!!??? :) Have fun!

  3. How exciting! I'd love to be there.

  4. omg awesome pics!!!! Love the ones with Domo and Piglet....i bet Stewie and Oscar would like to be there!

  5. I just found your blog. It is so cute. I love it! I will visit again......