Sunday, May 16, 2010

Housewarming Party

Finally, a mere six months after we moved into ths house, we had our housewarming party. The stars aligned that we were both in town and free of other plans that we could schedule it. I just could head into the summer and continue onto other parties without first having a proper housewarming!

I love that we have enough room to comfortably fit all of our friends!

For something fun I hung paint chips in each room and invited our guests to help us choose room colors by voting.

I like the suggestion of warm vanilla for this one. When you refer to food in a color you've got me hooked.

I can see a smarty pants designer friend left that middle comment PMS 413. (Joel) Surprised there weren't more hexidecimal color suggestions.

Wow. No one liked that one on the right.

"What?! Oh... no... I wasn't voting twice - huh uh." - Aprille caught tipping the ballot?

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