Friday, June 11, 2010

Jarritos taste test party

I was pretty excited when I got an email from Jarritos soda asking if I would like to try some sample of Jarritos soda! They sent me 11 different flavors to try out...

... and a Jarritos music CD (perfect for a party)...

... and a Jarritos t-shirt.

It was a lot of soda to taste so I had some friends over for a Mexican cookout and Jarritos taste testing! I was happy to use our front porch/patio/terrace thingy for a get together.

We had Mexican grilled corn (grilled corn with butter, mayo, cojitos cheese, cayenne pepper and lime juice) to start with.

And grilled shrimp tostadas.

We all tasted the sodas and drew little smiley faces for the ones we liked the best. The favorites were the Mandarin, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Grapefruit and Pineapple. We thought the Tamarind would be weird but it actually was pretty normal. The Jamaica and Guava threw us all for a loop - crazy flavors.

I was really pleased to learn that all Jarritos is made with 100% natural sugar and not high fructose corn syrup!

If you save up the Jarritos soda cap lids, you can use them at Club Jarritos and redeem them for prizes.

You can also check out Jarritos Nation where you can enter to win prizes by claiming your location on the map with a photo.


  1. looks like the party was a huge success. love all the foods.

  2. I recently bought some of the Sangria flavour because I just had to know what that was like.

    It didn't taste anything like Sangria. But it was pretty good. Weird, but good.