Saturday, June 12, 2010

Landscaping the new house

My potting bench saw a lot of use this weekend. I had to leave a lot of plants at our old house and start from scratch at the new. There really wasn't much landscaping at our new house.

We planted grasses, hostas and flowers in the beds to the left and right of our front porch/patio/terrace thingy.

Then I spread mulch around everything. It's amazing what a difference mulch makes.

I planted the window boxes for the second floor. The theme this year is pink and green.

I also planted some herbs in pots to set out front. Rosemary, dill, sage, chocolate mint and basil.

So this is what the house looked like when we bought it.

And this is what it looks like now. You couldn't even see that side porch before!


  1. I've thought your new house was beautiful since you first showed a picture...but it wasn't until you took out all the greenery that I saw that it looks like a pug! the two shuttered windows are the eyes (the oval window is, maybe a smudge of dirt?)...the door is the muzzle....ok, I'm nuts. Your house looks like Oscar!

  2. Oh that is funny! I kinda see it!

  3. Chocolate mint? Where have I been all my life.

  4. There are also mints like orange mint, lemon mint, pineapple mint and apple mint!

  5. Pretty house but I do miss your trees.

  6. I miss the trees too. But I guess that's just the Oregonian in me - I LOVE my greenery. I do like all the new plants you've chosen though! And the window boxes look great!