Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mud Gloves

I didn't think it was possible to love a pair of gloves as much as I love these, but it's true. We had a lot of gardening and landscaping to do this weekend and I told Aaron I couldn't stand my old gloves anymore. I picked up these Mud Gloves because they actually came in different SIZES and I love them!

I have little hands and other gardening gloves come in "one size fits all". It is so hard to pull weeds and plant things when you have an extra inch of glove at the end of your finger tips. Not a problem with Mud Gloves. Look how well they fit!

The palms have a rubbery waterproof coating and the backs are breathable. They cuffs are fitted so dirt doesn't fall in. I put them through their paces planting this weekend and they worked like champs! Best gardening gloves ever!


  1. Where did you get them? I live upstate in the Corning area.

  2. Love your site, been a longtime reader... but I really have to ask... Are you compensated for these reviews?

  3. Pam - I got them at the Garden Factory on the west side of Rochester.

    If I am "given" a product for review by the company, I say so in the post like I did for the Jarritos post. For this one I bought them myself so there is no mention of it.