Saturday, July 24, 2010

Patterned glass containers

We have been using glass containers for lunches and leftovers for awhile now. We needed some more so I was thrilled when I saw these at Fishes Eddy AND they had cute patterns on them. They look vintage, I think.

My mom just scored one of these As Seen on TV Smart Spin Storage Systems for me also and I am enjoying the "slide, spin and store" action.


  1. I love Fishes Eddy. I have a number of there things. Great storage bowls. Our house is in the process of getting rid of all our plastic. Just purchased glasses from Williams Sonoma yesterday. Picardie Glass Tumblers
    Love them, they feel like old soda shop glasses. My storage containers are next.

  2. I *love* our Smart Spin! Which I always call Spin Smart. Those patterned glass containers are very cool - I'll have to check out Fishes Eddy too. (Thanks!)

  3. Those are too cute, and I assumed they were vintage when I saw the picture. Thanks for sharing where you found them. :)