Friday, July 23, 2010

Cantaloupe Parfaits

When we saw my parents last weekend they brought us three super ripe cantaloupe. I swear the cantaloupe they get back home from local farms taste sweeter than any melon I have bought in a store.

I used one of those cantaloupe to make these melon parfaits. They turned out pretty good despite the fact I messed up. Here is a tip when you are using a recipe from a blog post. Take a moment and read the comments first, because if there are any mistakes in the recipe others will point it out and that can be extremely helpful. Might prevent you from doing something like mixing yogurt with cantaloupe when you were supposed to add lemon juice.

But like I said they still turned out okay. The recipe called for a mixture of yogurt and honey. I was pretty happy to use some of the giant jar of honey my grandma gave me. It was my grandfather's... he loved honey as much as I do.

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