Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big winner via Martha

I was a big winner on Twitter! I entered the @CraftsDept #MarthaBlogger Sweeps and won this Martha Stewart sewing book!

It will be put to good use!

I also entered the @dailywag #marthablogger sweeps and won a box of goodies for Oscar!

Oscar was beside himself with his good fortune. Aren't the colors nice? Now he can nom nom in style!


  1. Oscar looks right at home with his new prize winnings. Congrats to you! That dog bone cut-out on the stainless steel scoop is a riot!!

  2. Hooray, more fun Martha stuff!

  3. congratulations! how excellent!

  4. Very cool. The Martha sewing book has some really great projects. I think the A-Z Craft book had more that were my "style" (haha) but I really like the sewing one too! Congrats!