Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day two at TIFF

Another day of standing in line at the Toronto Film Festival. We totally did not plan on all wearing black and grey. Freaky. I did a blog post over on 1000Words about how I got all of us in these photos by the way. Sneaky group photography trick.

The King's Speech was our first movie and most certainly the best movie of the weekend. Possibly the entire festival. It was funny, it was moving, it was charming. It didn't hurt that it had Colin Firth in it either much to Tina's delight. It was really great that both Colin and Geoffrey Rush showed up for Q&A even though we were at the second showing.

We had two midnight madness movies this year - typically good nutty flicks. Our last movie of the weekend was Bunraku. The style of the movie was fantastic but it was a bit slow in places. Again an interesting mix of characters with Woody Harrelson, Josh Harnett and Japanese star Gackt. There were some Japanese girls sitting next to us that went CRAZY when he took the stage.

Afterwards we got a good spot to see the cast come out and sign autographs. I got some good shots of Josh Harnett in an unseasonable knit hat and character glasses.

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