Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweeney Todd Halloween Dinner Party

I love themes. Aaron came up with the best theme for our Halloween dinner party. He was Sweeney Todd the barber...

...and I was Mrs. Lovett the baker.

We made chicken pot pie "meat pies" complete with dough fingers.

Our dining room was made into an eerie feasting experience.

In the living room we set up a barber shop/bakery display.

Sweeney Todd's barber shop display.

Mrs. Lovett's Bakery display.


Our dinner guests enjoyed the "meat pies" and apple pocket pies with scoops of ice cream.

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovitt

Here are more pictures from the evening.


  1. This is so creative - I love it!

    I saw Sweeney Todd (the revival with Patti Lupone and Michael Cerveris) a few years ago on Broadway and I've never had my heard beat so quickly at a live show. It was almost stressful!

  2. Fantastic idea for a dinner party! ...I'd skip that pie if I were the guests though. ;D

  3. adorable! so clever, and fantastic decorations. i love your black pumpkins too!

  4. are they fingers Lol

  5. Awesome! I love that photo of the two of you