Monday, December 13, 2010

ljcfyi holiday gift guide - handmade and local

I thought I was done with the holiday gift guide on Saturday but I just found out about something that I just had to add.

For the design lover that likes to know what day of the week it is... Limited Edition Letterpress Wall Calendar.

I've always had a soft spot for letterpress. For my birthday last year Aaron got me a letterpress class at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education. Sadly, I traveled so much through the summer we were never able to nail down a Saturday to take it.

I think letterpress is having a resurgence. Nothing quite beats the heft and texture of letterpress. There was even an article in the last issue of City Newspaper about letterpress.

When @RochesterArts emailed me today about this fantastic letterpress calendar with each month from a different local artist I was practically drooling.

If you love handmade and you love local, you will love this calendar. Or someone on your gift list. I am having a hard time not referring to this in the first person because I love this calendar and I'm hoping someone gets it for me! : )


  1. I like the "Robot Love" one - too cute!

  2. I too love the weighty texture of letterpress items.. this calendar is indeed be a wonderful gift!

  3. I love handmade, local, and letterpress! K x

  4. What a great gift...I love it!