Monday, December 20, 2010

Teeny handmade Christmas tree decorations

We got my grandma a little living Christmas tree for the holidays this year. After we put the tiny bulbs and lights on it something was still missing, so I made her a felt star and snowball pom pom garland for it.

I can't wait til we get home and I can add them! I think they will be just the thing.

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  1. Thought I`d tip you of a hot trend here in Norway this winter: Handmade Christmas decorations, by Arne and Carlos, a designer duo.

    Their patterns are online and they also have a free pattern for a neat Space Invaders sweater, mixed with a traditional Norwegian knitting sweater called the Marius sweater.

    Here`s a commercial video for their book with their knitting recipies / "Strikkeoppskrifter":