Wednesday, January 19, 2011

one ingredient faux ice cream from frozen bananas

Aaron and I are doing our New Years 4 day food detox program again. That means 4 days with no sugar, wheat, dairy, eggs, caffine, or processed foods. When it comes to having a sweet tooth that doesn't leave a lot of choices. Luckily I had heard about one ingredient ice cream - frozen banana ice cream!

It really is one ingredient and so easy. You just peel and chop up some bananas and let them in the freezer a few hours.

Then you puree them in a food processor.

I was so surprised to see they pureed into a smooth, creamy concoction a lot like frozen custard.

I made another batch and threw in some frozen strawberries.

Faux strawberry ice cream!

When detox is over I am going to try adding honey and peanut butter!


  1. Wait, you CAN have peanut butter! You get the kind that's just ground peanuts and you're still totally on track! :) Yummy! (I'm eating carob chips right now and feeling a little guilty)

  2. I have a Champion Juicer and we make fruit cream (as we call it)all the time. We add walnuts to the banana, it taste wonderful. We do watermelon, orange flesh melon. Oh we just go crazy!

  3. Thanks for the idea - I am currently freezing some bananas to make into ice cream tonight. I wonder if adding some greek yogurt, like Chobani, to the mixture would make it even better?