Friday, January 14, 2011

Things to do in 2011

No resolutions this year. Just cool stuff I want to do.

1. roast a chicken - like this paprika-rubbed chicken with roasted garlic from Martha

2. force bulbs

3. make a good homemade chicken soup

4. have friends over for dinner

5. bake bread

6. make a quiilt - even a mini quilt

7. I read about them all the time - try myer lemmons, maybe grow an inside lemon tree

8. buy art for the house

9. raise happy bees

10. take a letterpress class


  1. If roasting a chicken *and* making an awesome chicken soup are on your list, then somewhere inbetween should be "Make homemade stock". It's super-simple if you have a chicken carcass on hand and you'll never go back to Swanson's again.

  2. Have friends over for chicken soup and homemade bread. ahhhhh.. I can't think of anything better. You can freeze the carcass after you eat the chicken, or just boil everything that is left over down and then freeze the stock. we freeze our stock in double ziplock bags.

    Also, I recommend, if you have heaps of stock, that you try making congee (or jook or juk, depending on what country it comes from). We always make it with plenty of ginger. GREAT for what ails you. Once again, easy to freeze and reheat when you get the sniffles.

    You COULD serve that soup and bread at a QUILTING party.

  3. If you are going to make bread check out the book:
    Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg.
    The basic recipe for the bread is really easy and really yummy. I highly recommend it!

  4. Ive known about Meyer lemons, but I too have seen them everywhere over the past few months; New jars of fancy preserved ones in my local store, a new stilton cheese from my fave company made with Meyer chunks in it, articles, meyer lemon scented cleaning supplies, tons of recent recipes in my magazines etc. Just yesterday I got my new copy of Martha Stewart Living, and inside, as Im sure you know, is a big article about growing small citrus indoors.. including MEYER LEMONS! Oh dang it Martha! Thats it! Im sure it may be a fancy marketing push somewhere, but they got me! Its a sign. Im getting a tree this year!! lol ~supergroveraway (shan francis)

  5. LETTERPRESS!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! ME TO!!!!

  6. Roasting a chicken's on my list too - but I don't even own a roasting pan. How did I get to be this age without a roasting pan?

  7. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great roasting pan for 20 bucks!

    Ina Garten also has a great roast chicken recipe, stuffed with lemon and herbs and butter under the skin--awesome!! I love roasting chicken, it's so easy and simple and like the others said: STOCK! It makes the best soups and beans.

  8. When making the stock for soup, throw in a lot of garlic and a parmesian rind. Then after you strain it and add in the veg, add some cheese tortellini and lots of fresh dill.