Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron

What Aaron really wanted for his birthday this year was a ukulele. So that is what we got him. Oscar and Hugo just think it's a pug-sized guitar.

I attibute all this to Eddie Vedder. His latest album, Ukulele Songs, is what I think inspired this new interest.


  1. Happy birthday, Aaron!

    He's been in my thoughts recently - iirc, he's coming home soon?

    Thanks again for his service. It's such a cliche, but thanks to you and other family members for the sacrifice, too.

  2. Hi Jenny. Hope Aaron likes his present! My husband plays ukulele, too. He uses all the time. Aldrine Guerrero offers free online video lessons there that might help. We saw Aldrine play on Kauai and loved him.