Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Every thursday at the office I get excited because it's Buffalo Chicken Salad day in the cafeteria. One night I was thinking about dinner and realized that a BCS would be pretty easy to make at home. Especially with Wegman's new frozen Spicy Bites chicken! I even think I could make the entire meal with only Wegman's brand ingredients. I take that as a challenge sometimes.

The salad mimics buffalo wings but in salad form. It's just lettuce with the spicy chicken chunks, chopped up celery, blue cheese bits and blue cheese dressing. The Spicy Bites turned out to be so spicy I didn't need any of the extra wing sauce. Nom!


  1. I love Buffalo Chicken salad. Also tasty in wrap form.

  2. I am making this this weekend! Haven't decided if we will do wraps or salad.