Saturday, April 28, 2012

New shop in Roc: Fah•sye

I love to see new businesses open in Rochester! I get especially excited when it's not a nail salon, insurance agency or car wash. (nothing against those things but it seems like we have plenty!)

At the corner of Blossom and Winton is an adorable new shop called fah•sye. After breakfast at Jim's this morning we ran across the street to take a looky-loo. They carry a selection of colorful jewelry, bags, scarves and more.

You can create a wishlist and with my birthday coming up I was quick to add a red heart bracelet, blue silk purse and a few necklaces to mine. : )

The owners are lovely and welcoming, the shop is super cute and they will be getting new items in all the time. The next time I need a gift I will definitely be stopping there first. They also host small private events there!

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.


  1. This shop is amazing! Will be back here really soon!

  2. Cristin - Oh great! I love it too!