Thursday, June 28, 2012

ROC Galleries

Some more cool stuff that I am just becoming aware of in Rochester. There have always been some cool art spots in town - Memorial Art Gallery, RoCo, Artisan Works, Genesee Center for Art and Education, The Hungerford...

Lately I'm noticeing more popping up! The more the better!

The Yards is a collaborative art space in the Public Market that is part studio, part gallery... home to three artists. You can even book an event or party there.

They are having a "Yard Sale" this weekend! Buy art!

The Yards: Facebook | Twitter | Web

The second gallery I am excited about is the new home of 1975 Gallery, founded by a friend I've known since my RIT days. I was pretty bummed when our local Little Bakery closed, but was excited to learn that it was the new home of 1975 gallery! They had a soft launch with a really cool installation (that I sadly missed) called "SPYGLASS" by a local artist, Sarah Rutherford.

SPYGLASS has been taken down and now the restoration work begins. 1975 Gallery is a work in progress so you can contribute to what it will become on indiegogo. There are some pretty cool perks available. I was all about the t-shirt.

1975 Gallery: Facebook | Twitter | Web

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