Friday, August 3, 2012

Pearl Harbor

We saved one of the most anticipated spots in Hawaii for last. We had tickets for Pearl Harbor on our last day. We had a near disaster when we got there and realized we left the Nikon battery at the hotel. Luckily I had brought my Ricoh and two rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 film! Until they are developed we have our iPhone pics...

First we went to the USS Arizona Memorial. To get to it you have to ride a boat.

It was definitely an errie sight to see the Arizona just below the water.

Oil still leaks from the ship. About 2 quarts a day.

After that we toured the USS Missouri. They have a "Battleship the Movie" tour you can go on. The Missouri has a great part in that movie.

Aaron had a good look around and said "Yup... this looks familiar".

While we were at Pearl Harbor we also met some veterans that were there. Awesome! Stay tuned for the film photos!


  1. It all looks amazing! I can't wait to see the Ektar pics - it's such a good film, I have a roll waiting to be used and I can't wait! What a wonderful holiday :)