Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunflowers and bees

My friend Paulette loaned me a macro lens and I put it to good use in the sunflower field.

These bee photos would probably make Tina pass out cold.

They were so busy and full of pollen they didn't pay much mind to us.

I love these close up photos!

Caught mid-air.


  1. Yes, I've just fainted. Antennae, wings, eyes... ugh!

  2. Love the ladybg!
    We participate in this:
    I was trying to count - I think your bug has 12 spots.

  3. Deanna - that is fascinating! I remember a time when we were cleaning a camp up by the lake and there were so many lady bugs they were shoveling them out of buildings! I am going to look more at that site.