Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wine making birthday party

I wanted to do something special for Aaron's birthday this year because he was so far away from home for his 35th birthday last year. I made reservations at Casa Vin'Arte - a spot in Fairport where you can go to make your own wine.

This is a pic of Aaron with his bucket o' soon to be wine. The tape says A-Ron but it looks like Ron Thompson. Ron Thompson - wine maker extraordinaire.

A bunch of our friends came to hang out, have charcuterie, drink wine and watch us make wine. Doesn't this picture look posed?

Paulette made a batch of wine too... Tina was her assistant.

It's a cool place. They have all the tools like sterilization equipment, and people to guide you through the process. It takes about 6 visits to complete the wine.

Slappin' the juice.

Taking the temperature. There is a lot of science to making wine.

I did a little stirring but stuck to the picture taking. More later on how Ron Thompson's wine turns out!

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