Friday, October 5, 2012


I got this glass bauble at Crate and Barrel years ago and occasionally would put a flower bud in it. I spied some little air plants at Wegmans so I got one for it. I love seeing it hanging above the sink.

Next time I was at Wegmans I got a bigger one for one of my terrariums.

They are so easy to care for! You just give them a squirt of water with a spray bottle every once in awhile.

This week I saw one of my favorite local florists, Arenas has GIANT airplants. And I saw a twitter peep posted a pic of her tiny airplant.

It's funny how sometimes I take an interest in something and then I start to see it everywhere. I think the next big thing will be air plants!

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  1. Love the airplants. I had a pretty fun time naming them too. Check my own article about them.

    Another great way to display them is get some fishing wire and hang them from an inside window. I found out the hard way that keeping them outside is never a good idea. Two of mine died after a few weeks outside.