Friday, January 11, 2013

Fair Trade Klout Perk goodies

I was bowled over by all the goodies that came in the Klout perks Fair Trade box. I didn't know a lot about Fair Trade and didn't know there were so many products that were Fair Trade, many of which I can find at Wegmans.

October was #FairTradeMonth but it took me awhile to try everything.

This was the first thing in the box to go. Chocolate! Good.

I have had Honest Tea before and was excited to see it in the box. I didn't know it was fair trade. Love sweet tea and this is a good one. Not too sweet.

I quickly used up the coffee in our French press. It was interesting, when I ground the beans there were little papery shells left. Never saw that before.

I gave the Larabar to my friend Patricia at work and she wrote a review for me!

"Knowing that I eat gluten-free, Jenny offered me a chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar when she got it as part of a Klout perk filled with Fair Trade goodies. With 16g of sugar in a 1.6 oz bar, I've saving it for when I need a sweet treat. It can be really hard to find good GF substitutes for some things. The first granola bar I had after committing to a GF diet tasted like styrofoam. The Larabar was a vast improvement over that! It was very chocolatey and smooth and tided me over until dinner time. I have to say that it hit the spot on the sweetness factor, but it really didn't taste like old-fashion full-of-gluten cookie dough--maybe that's just too much too ask of an energy bar!" - Patricia

I haven't tried the tea bags or quinoa yet so maybe I should give those to Aprille for a review!

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