Monday, April 8, 2013

Peeps Diorama Contest

We are having a peeps diorama contest at the office.

Entries have been popping up all week.

Right now it's anonymous until the voting is over so I can't say which one is mine.

I love how creative everyone has been with marshmallow candy! (This person was saving those ghost peeps since October!)


  1. OMG, Chocolate carbonite Peep Solo. I'm dying!

    Love them all!

  2. So if the contest is over, tell us: which one was yours??

  3. Ellen - It's not over yet but pssst... mine is the Star Wars one! The Peep Strikes Back.

  4. I like the criminal peeps in the first photo. I'm assuming that's a line up they're in.
    Law & Order SUP