Saturday, May 11, 2013

The big birthday

After a week of watching Aaron sneak around he surprised me today with a birthday party! Well, not a complete surprise. We have had one of those and one is enough to last a lifetime . As I told Aaron, no more pop-out-of-a-closet surprise parties for this gal.

It was so good to see everyone! There were all my favorite people, food (charcuterie) and a JAR theme!

Jars of lemonade.

Mason jar goodie bags to fill with candy.

Mason jar table arrangements! There were 120 carnations!

I had a helper crew helping open my gifties!

And cake! I love birthday cake!

It was a delicious and pretty cake from Baker Street Bakery.

Thank you Aaron for a wonderful birthday!


  1. Happy birthday and welcome to Club 40!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

    I loved seeing the pictures of you and your sister from her shower. :)

    Will you be at BlogHer 13 in Chicago this July? Hope to see you.

  3. Lady M - awe man! I wish I could. I didn't get tickets! I am guessing they are all gone now?

    - Jenny