Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spokes and Ink 2013

This Sunday is Spokes and Ink Fest at the Genesee Center for Arts and Education! I am super bummed to be missing it, as I'll be in San Diego. I tried moving flights and vacation around every which way and just couldn't get it to work. It's my favorite event at the Center as it combines bikes and print! If you are in town, you must go!

This is my poster submission for Spokes and Ink this year! It will be for sale along with other bike posters at the festival. The design has to be 100% original so I recreated that map of Rochester in Illustrator. That. Took. Forever.

These are some pictures I took at Spokes and Ink last year.

Bike beauty shots!

Some wood type and other letterpress pieces.

LJC in wood!


Ready to print! They will have letterpress postcard printing again this year and lots of other fun activities, bands and food.

You can check out all the info at the Spokes and Ink website. The festival will be noon to 6pm on Monroe Ave and Oxford... across from the Starbucks. Please go and have a good time for me!

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