Friday, August 2, 2013

Wall Therapy 2013

by Connor Harrington

Last week Rochester was treated to another amazing round of Wall Therapy. I didn't get a chance to go around and watch the artists at work, but this evening we went for a walk in the South Wedge to see some of the murals.

by Mike Ming

Matt and Drea joined Aaron and I on the search.

by Adam Francy

Apologies to the artist on this one. The bird's nostril was painted over a hole in the wall and it was just too tempting.

by St. Monci

You really have to see them in person. Some are so much larger than I realized from the Instagram shots I saw.

by Thievin' Stephen

This one was a fav. We all admired the sheep's sweater.

by Cern

I enjoy not only seeing the paintings in person, but I like to see the environment they live in.

I am so glad I was able to support the Wall Therapy program earlier this year on Indigogo! (Me sporting my Wall Therapy t-shirt perk.

UPDATE: Here is an article in Huffington Post about Wall Therapy and a Google Map to help you find all the locations!


  1. Thievin' Stephen's sister is one of my long-time friends. I remember Thievin' when he was a little guy. So cool to see the work he's doing now.

  2. Julia - That is cool! I really like his work.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Now I have an excuse to drive around town.

  4. Mike, I just added a link to a Google Map to help you find all the art!