Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monster Cereal - Yummy Mummy & Frute Brute

I love cereal and this time of year, I especially love monster cereal. You know... General Mills monster themed cereal with little marshmallows. Booberry and Frankenberry are my favorite.

This year I was able to use my new Cuppow BENTO cup to transport the milk for my cereal in a mason jar to the office for breakfast.

I was stunned when Aaron came home from Wegmans one night with a monster cereal I'd never had before! Yummy Mummy!

Turns out it's not new and it's not the only one I didn't know about.

There are FIVE monster cereals and this year they re-released Yummy Mummy along with another one I'd never heard of, Frute Brute.

Yummy Mummy was like orange creamsicle. I havn't been able to find the Frute Brute. BooBerry is still my favorite.

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