Monday, December 16, 2013

Pumpkin Maple Pancakes and Fresh Nutmeg

When we chose pumpkin maple pancakes for our Christmas Brunch and I saw the recipe included nutmeg, I realized it was my opportunity to make a case for getting whole nutmeg.

Aaron used a micro plane and *ground ground ground* fresh nutmeg for the pancakes. I think nutmeg smells like Coca-Cola.

I think it made all the difference because the pancakes were amazing.

What else can I be adding fresh ground nutmeg to?


  1. I love nutmeg, especially in combo w/cinnamon. I use it in banana bread and a lot of dishes with squashes and root vegetables. And if I want my house to smell delicious (and I'm not baking), I simmer citrus slices with cinnamon & nutmeg in water on the stovetop. :)

    The history of nutmeg is fascinating, too:

  2. I love fresh-ground nutmeg! A pinch actually goes very nicely in most cream sauce recipes, like mac and cheese and alfredo pastas.