Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finished pottery

Tonight I stopped by the Genesee Center for Arts and Education to pick up half of my finished pieced from pottery class.

The handle I put on my little mug stayed on!

My little yarn bowl is ready for a ball of yarn.

I was so excited to see how the glaze turned out. When you mix them you never really know how they might look after they are fired.

Some were a real surprise.

I tried to go with a theme. I dipped each one in white and then the tops in a different color.

This one will be perfect for one of my airplants.

I still have ten more pieces I need to glaze.

This class was so much fun. I'm taking it again because I think I could use some more practice before I take on the intermediate class.

Here they are all lined up!


  1. Very cool! Pottery is not an easy thing to do. I really like the yarn bowl.

  2. I love them! If I lived closer to you, I would so take that class with you!

    1. Oh I wish you did Peggy! That would be so great!