Saturday, September 27, 2014


This weekend was the Grape Festival in Naples. I was ready for all things grape.

First we went to Jerome's U-Pick Grape Farm to pick some grapes.

I couldn't believe how many different varieties there were. There were over a dozen different kinds of grapes.

The entire place smelled like grapes!

The fruit basket came with us.

There may have been some grapes eaten right off the vine.

I love how the wagons and wheelbarrows were painted purple. Everything in Naples is purple... fire hydrants, mailboxes and garbage bins. (Note to self: Wear purple next year.

After picking grapes we stopped at Monica's Pies to get grape pies and a chicken pot pie to take home.

Next up was a stop at Joseph's Wayside Market to grab a gallon of grape juice.

Lynnie Lou's Ice Cream had fall sundaes! Pumpkin, warm apple and grape. Aaron got the warm apple and I had the grape. The crumble topping really took them to the next level.

After all that grape-ness, we stopped at the actual Grape Festival for just one thing. Roasted corn!

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