Friday, May 29, 2015

National Burger Day Gone Wrong

How to write this post without making anyone queasy?

Did you know yesterday was National Burger Day? I picked burgers up for Aaron and I on the way home from violin lessons yesterday evening. When I pulled in the driveway I texted Aaron that I needed a hand carrying everything in. When he didn't come out I got suspicious. I thought I heard him shout "MOVE" inside. Once I got inside he yelled down the stairs, "I cut my foot! Don't come up!". Well that is like saying, "this smells terrible... smell it." Despite seeing the red trail up the stairs I had to go up.

I'm actually very pleased with myself. I can get squeamish but I managed to help him bundle up his foot, call urgent care and get him there in a timely manner. It was definitely the most gruesome injury I've seen in person. Who knew the foot bled so much?

Once we were in a procedure room and it was clear he wasn't going to lose the foot (heh) the joking began. I confessed that I snuck a few fries after I dropped him off at the door of urgent care. Would it be wrong to eat my burger in the waiting room? We started taking snapshots of the poor foot.

11 stitches, 1 tetnus shot, 1 fashionable boot, 3 hours at urgent care and 2 cold burgers later and Aaron's foot will be fine. No nerve damage.

Remember the headlamp I got for my birthday? I wore it to clean up the floors and tub when I got home. I could qualify to clean up crime scenes now.

Oh and how did this happen? He swung his foot under the very sharp edge of a galvanzed metal roof of a bird feeder sitting on the floor. Yup. Not a grizzly bear. A bird feeder.

I had to blog about this. Not my usual, but a blip in our story that I may want to read again someday. So much of why I post to this blog... recording daily life. In fact while I didn't encourage it, Aaron posted before and after pics of his foot on Instagram if you are curious. But you have been warned!


  1. Poor Aaron! What a complete bummer, but really glad he will be OK. Must have been so painful.

  2. He complains more about not being able to drive or walk much than he does about the pain. Heh.

  3. Ouch! I hate how things can go wrong in a split second like that. Really glad that he is on the mend and that he kept his foot.