Saturday, July 11, 2015

A day on the boat

Today we planned on spending the entire day on the boat so I made us cheese and egg sammies for brunch and packed seafood subs for a late lunch/early supper.

We put the boat in the water in the Irondequoit Bay and then went out on to Lake Ontario. There was a big Coast Guard boat in the lake.

It doesn't look as big in the these pictures but it definitely looked strange there. We are not used to seeing ships like that on the lake.

We did a little fishing.

But no luck today.

There was no wind and the water was very calm.

Almost... too calm.

Boat selfie.

Making waves.

The pugs found a comfy spot in the bow of the boat.

They even fell asleep there.

Oscar woke up in time to help Aaron pull the boat back in though.


  1. lol. in the last picture oscar almost looks like a seal. too cute.

    1. Oh boy. There are a lot of instances where our pugs look like baby seals!