Saturday, August 1, 2015

Eating in Pennsylvania

When we go to visit my parents, we sometimes go to the local famers market that has some of my favorite Pennsylvania foods, many of which are prepared by Amish stands. Today for lunch we had giant ham hoagies and ham and bean soup. I could go on at length about the differences between a hoagie vs a sub vs a grinder, but that is for another day. To me a hoagie means home and this one was top notch.

It's always a struggle to choose between the ham and bean soup or the chicken corn soup at Martha's Kitchen.

Hello handmade potato chips! Yes, you will taste divine next to my hoagie.

Aaron's favorite... Amish made doughnuts. They had some unique flavors... salted carmel and coconut creme. Yum. Hats off to the Amish.

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