Saturday, October 10, 2015

18th Annual Wayne County Apple Tasting Tour

Knowing that I am on a mission to hit as many famer markerts, cider mills, apple orchards and pumpkin patches as I can get to in Rochester (I've started calling it #rocfallfarmtour), my friend Aprille posted a link to Facebook about the 18th Annual Wayne County Apple Tasting Tour.

Today was a beautiful fall day, perfect for a drive through the country and sampling some apples. And donuts. And cider.

When Aaron found out there was a "challenge" he was all in. If you got at least 7 stamps on the apple tasting tour passport, you could enter to win fabulous prizes.

These are the ones we hit up.

Long Acre Farms - Facebook

Morgan's Farm Market - Facebook

Apple Country Spirits - Facebook

Apple Town Farm Market - Facebook

Lagoner Farm Market & Embark Craft Ciderworks - Facebook & Facebook

Young Sommer Winery - We didn't stay here long. I walked in... didn't see apples and walked out.

Orbakers Fruit Farm - Facebook

Brownell's Farm Market - Facebook

Burnap's Farm Market - Facebook

The Apple Shed - Facebook

Each spot had apple tasting.

They had slices of all the different varieties they had to offer.

I got to try some varieties I'd never had before like Snapdragon and Autumn Crisp.

Pretty much there were apples everywhere.

Sampling at Morgan's Farm Market.

Picking up cider at Apple Town.

Bins and bins of apples at Orbaker's.

Orbakers is a Century Farm.

Long Acre Farms was our first stop. We have been there before to go through the corn maze. It was there that I had the best donut of my #rocfallfarmtour so far.

I HAD to try the corn cannon.

You shoot ears of corn toward a small target down the field. I came so close! I was spot on but it fell short inches away. THIS CLOSE!

Halfway through the tour we stopped at Lagoner Farm Market. Next to Lagoner Farm is Embark Craft Ciderworks.

They offer a wide selection of different ciders.

We decided to take a break at Embark to have a snack and Aaron had a cider flight. That is blueberry ketchup that came with the french fries! So good.

The entire day was one big photo op. If I saw a painted board you put your head through, I directed Aaron toward it.

It took a little photoshop work to get us both in this one from Burnap's Farm Market.

Giant pumpkin selfie!

If a farm market had critters... all the better. Goats, chickens, rabbits. I like to gawk and feed and pet them all.

We made it to 10 of the 12 spots! The Apple Shed was our last stop. The last two were twice as far away as all the others so we felt okay skipping them. What a sense of accomplishment.

The best part? Each spot had door prizes and Aaron won a half bushel of Honey Crisp apples from Brownell's! Over the moon! Couldn't ask for a better fall excursion.


  1. oh! That looks like such an enjoyable (and yummy!) day.

    1. I was so full of apple and apple products by the end of the day!

  2. Honeycrisp are the best! Great prize!!!