Friday, October 9, 2015

Schutt's Cider Mill

Continuing with my Rochester farm markets & mills visits, next up we have Schutt's Cider Mill. I'm not sure if they pronounce it "shoots" or "shuts". I've been thinking about it too much so I need to ask them next time we are there.

Here is a review of what we found...

#1 Cider - Schutt's makes their own cider and on this particular day it was a blend that included my favorite apple - honeycrisp. That was a big plus in my book right off the bat.

#2 Donuts - Schutt's didn't call their donuts "cider donuts" but rather fried cakes. I have to say I liked Herman's donuts better but Schutt's offered both glazed and cinnamon sugar which was a bonus. They still went down the cake hole rather easily.

#3 Pumpkins - There were rows of pumpkins outside to choose from and I added this little one to my autumn collection that is growing on our kitchen table.

#4 - There were lots and lots of apples to choose from. I don't think they have u-pick but there were some interesting varieties available. There were a couple that were "experimental"! That sounds exciting - experimental apples.

So Schutt's had all the fall basics I was looking for. The basics and then so much more!

I got really excited by the other goodies Schutt's had in their market. I was darting around like a squirrel high on life. Ironically one of the first things I saw were these chestnuts. For roasting by an open fire.

Decorative Indian corn (or as Aaron calls it, Squirrel Food).

More jams and jellies than you can shake a stick at.

Schutt's offers lots of food items and gifts. And they are displayed on vintage appliances like old stoves and fridges. The entire market is decorated with antique crocks and bottles. Right up my alley!

I almost forgot the best part... they have a rabbit out front. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him.

After we got home I saw a bunch of comments on Facebook that we should try Schutt's apple frosty. They said it's a combination of an apple slushy and a Wendy's Frosty. Obviously we have to go back asap.

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We went back to Schutts with my friend Liz so we could try the apple frosty we heard so much about.

The apple frosty is a delightful combo of soft serve ice cream and an apple cider slush. It's very tasty... even if it did give me brain freeze.

While were there we popped into Blue Toad for a cider tasting.

Blue Toad uses Schutt's apples for their cider. I only had a small taste, one of the summer ciders - very fresh and light.

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