Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Super special limited edition baked goods

I kept rolling past these Limited Edition Thomas' English Muffin at Wegmans until I couldn't take it anymore and tossed them in my cart.

LIMITED EDITION. Gotta get them while I can! I mean, the Pumpkin Spice isn't even on their website!

It's like the frenzy I go into when the Halloween monster cereal comes out. It's once a year people!

Part of me says - Really you should be making homemade english muffins! C'mon... get with the program. But.

But these english muffins smell so good and are so easy to pop in the toaster.

Paired with some maple butter that my friend Tina gave me and they go to an even higher level.

I should probably be making my own maple butter too.


  1. Don't worry, homemade English muffins lack a little something. Still good but maybe not better in this one case.