Thursday, June 30, 2016

No strawberry left behind

When I realized that I still had almost a dozen jars of strawberry jam in the freezer, I had to come up with other uses for the two boxes of strawberries we picked. Well.... it wasn't that hard really.

After pureeing strawberries with a bit of simple syrup in the Vitamix it was easy enough to make popsicles. A nice treat for these hot summer days.

You HAVE to have strawberry shortcake.

I like milk and whipped cream on mine.

And a new use for strawberries for me... frozen strawberry drink. All I did was blend strawberries, ice and simple syrup in the Vitamix and viola! A refreshing, delicious beverage.

We were having them everynight until I ran out of strawberries. No problem using up berries at our house.

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