Monday, July 18, 2016

Homearama 2016

Tina asked me along to this summer's Homearama. I haven't been to one in years so I was curious to see what was new and exciting in home building.

I wish I had taken more photos! I took a few Snapchats here and there but mostly we were busy opening every door and peering into every pantry.

Some highlights:

Instead of a front porch, one house had a small courtyard that opened into the front door and a side hall, all covered by a pergola.

A living room fireplace that was also open onto the patio on the other side. There were three big sliding doors onto the patio, two in the living room and one into the dining room for a really big outdoor feel.

All the patios were impressive with built in fireplace and fire pits.

Kitchen with walk in pantries complete with wood shelves and marble counters. One house had a microwave that went under the counter and slid open like a drawer. Tap to close.

Impressive finished basements. One had a cool marbleized epoxy floor.

Tina was especially drooling over the kitchens. And this very expensive stove/oven with a hot water faucet above.

Outside I was amused by the robot lawn mower.

Robomower at Homearama. I think I'd rather have a goat.

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Another treat was to find some food trucks there. I got this really tasty pizza that helped fuel all the cupboard peering and closet peeking.


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