Sunday, October 5, 2003


This morning Aaron and I took Oscar to Pugoween. It's an event held by the Pug Club of Rochester. There were scads of pugs for Oscar to sniff and romp around with.

I made Oscar a sailor costume for the costume contest. Aaron was driving me bonkers... insisting that the uniform be as accurate as possible.

I almost had a Martha moment after the contest. (We finally watched the made for TV movie "Martha Inc" on the DVR) Oscar did not place in the contest and after making three hats to get one that looked right I thought I was going to have a lima bean/merlot fit. A pug dressed as a cowboy won. "That costume is store bought! Is everybody here an idiot?! Didn't I ask for merlot?! Where are the lima beans!?" (You would have to see the movie to get that)

But Aaron got me out of there before I hurt anyone and Oscar still had a great time. He looked cute and was a hit with all the ladies.

More pictures... (link fixed)

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